News Releases Gone Bad

Posted On March 26, 2008

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Ok people when writing a news release PLEASE make sure it is something NEWSWORTHY!!! You want to write about something that people would be interested and excited to read about. No one wants to hear about how a boy won the spelling bee…well I don’t but people want to hear the exciting Boy Won Spelling Bee to Win $100 million! Something like that. Headlines/titles sell the story. If you start your release with a boring headline…no one would want to read further into the story. Everyone wants to read the juicy stuff and know all the facts. Don’t write facts that have nothing to do with the story. Happy Writing everyone!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “News Releases Gone Bad”

  1. Megan Piper

    I agree that a title of a news release should be catchy. If I were an editor, I wouldnt care about a spelling bee, but a spelling bee with a huge sum of money as a prize, wll thats a different story!

  2. Daniel Harden

    Very good blog Allieoop. I completely agree with you. I have a lot of trouble reading boring news stories. The ones that jump out at me, though, I can not stop reading until I’m done. I try to make my stories as interesting as possible for this exact reason.

  3. Haley Higgs

    These links you added are really helpful!

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