Press Release Please Don’t Die

Posted On April 24, 2008

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After reading this weird and unusual press release written by a man that hated PR writing and press releases I was taken back. I didn’t really understand why this man was so caught up with hating/disliking Public Relations people and their press releases. The author goes on to write that press release does no good in helping the client, well it does, it gets the clients name out there good or bad. It just bothered me that this man is telling someone else or a group of people how to do their jobs! The PR practitioner knows what needs to be on the press release, just because the information on the release might not be useful to you (the author) does not mean it might not be useful to someone else. PR practitioners do you put spin on information, we make it ready and available and must useful for the readers. The Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die! was very interesting, it made me think, “is this really what people think about PR and their press releases”……oh well let them think that!!!


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