Week of Twitter!!

Posted On September 29, 2008

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Joining twitter has been a very different experience. At first I didn’t like it…I thought oh great another stalking tool….but I was wrong. I have been connected with many different people that I would never be connected with on facebook. Since I am graduating in the spring twitter is ways to connect with people that share the same job interests or that could possibly get me a job. I have become connected with people that I would never even think of thanks to joining Twitter. I feel that twitter is a tool that I can use to make many different connections that can help me later on down the road after graduation. Not going to lie at first Twitter was very hard to get use to. It was a little different to working on facebook. But soon enough it came very easy to tweet and friend other people with the same interests as myself. Getting on twitter opened up a whole different blogging world to me, I’m not that big into blogging but as my years at Georgia Southern University come to an end I need to think outside my box…… I need to become more open to putting thoughts on the internet and let my voice get heard. A week of twitter has turned into something that I will probably end up doing for month’s even years just to stay connected with many people that I have friended. Even if we have never met in person just knowing that we share same interest and could help each other out on job searches is enough for me.


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