Creating a Good Newsletter

Posted On October 23, 2008

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For one of our assignments we are asked to create a newsletter, I know how to make a newsletter and what needs to be in it, but how do I make a “good” newsletter. Currently I design the ZTA newsletter for the Alumni and Sisters that will be sent out in a couple weeks. This is great practice for me so I can build and create a well designed newsletter to be sent out. This is what I found on’s website:

First: A good newsletter needs to have information that the reader will want to read, no one is going to want to read a newsletter that has little or no information that relates to them.

Second: A good newsletter design needs to be creative, something that will catch the readers eye but will also flow with the rest of the newsletter.

Tips for being Consistent with the Design of the Newsletter:

  • To keep page consistency use grids
  • Templates and styles keep the format consistent
  • Keep repeating the same elements such as headers and footers
  • Keep the newsletter readable, easy to the eye
  • Don’t use to many different fonts, we want the reader to be able to read the newsletter all the way through
  • Using pictures is a plus, but don’t use more pictures then text, the reader will not know what each picture is about or the story behind it.
  • Make sure the headlines are catchy and bold, to make them stand out
  • Make a statement, if something exciting happened, show the reader how exciting it was, use bold texts maybe even underline!

These are a couple tips I found that could help design your newsletter. Just remember to keep the newsletter flowing, make it an easy read, and make it fun and exciting.


One Response to “Creating a Good Newsletter”

  1. Barbara Nixon

    Allie — Your first point is spot-on . . . if you don’t write something of value, it doesn’t matter how nice it looks. Thanks for sharing your viewpoints.


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