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Posted On December 1, 2008

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Thanks to Melanie McBride I know have my own Social Media Contract!!

1. Connecting to Allie Burrow

I’m a Public Relations major soon graduating in the spring, wanting to find new people who share the same interests/profession as myself. I encourage new followers to find me out there who would want to provide resources or just share the same interests. I look for new contacts everyday and encourage many social media gurus to do the same. If you are connecting for no reason or have no interest in what I want to do, I don’t feel a need to connect to me. On my social media pages, I look for a connection for a job and my friends that I already know!

2. Follow, add, friend: Making New Friends

When someone Friends/Follows me I tend to check them out before I Accept/Follow back. This gives me time to see if I truly know the person or if they have another connection through my friends or work. If I don’t know you and we don’t have any friends in common, then most likely I will ignore the request. Not to be mean but it just blows my mind on how you would find me if we had no friends in common. What I have on the internet about me, my friends, and my pictures I take seriously and would not want my information to end up in the wrong hands.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: TMI…Too Much Information!!!!!

On facebook my pictures and wall is open to only my friends. Many of my family members are on facebook and see what I do on the weekends. I’m ok with that because I am “of age” and I do not have any pictures that I would not want my grandma to see….she has her own account on facebook. BUT for certain people I do “secure” some of my information. As I enter the work force after I graduate my facebook will strictly become a tool to keep in touch with college/high school friends. My pictures will be limited and information will be kept to a minimum. As my co-workers become my friends, more information will be provided. I have nothing to hide nor want people to think differently because of a picture or wall post. Entering the work force facebook will become nothing until the job search is over. People tend to put up pictures that I would never think of taking……TMI people!!!!!

4. Signal to noise: Another Stalking Site

Social media sites have taken over the web. Now we have more than Facebook and MySpace, but more of a work related websites. I remember when I was asked to join Twitter I remember saying, “Oh ya another stalking website”. In some cases it is true, but the way I use Twitter, PROpen Mic, and LinkIn as a tool to seek experience to open doors into the real world and getting a job. I don’t have a problem using Twitter, etc, but people who use it as another “stalking” site do annoy me. I don’t get on Twitter as much as LinkedIn because I feel Twitter is more of a social site and LinkedIn is more of a work related site which I need to concentrate more on getting closer to graduation time.

5. Personal data and sharing: Sharing is Caring!

On my facebook account I do share my personal interest and hobbies, but that’s about it. I look to connect to my friends or people I know, not to connect on a deeper level. I rather get away from the computer and see and meet people, then connect on that deeper level according to my interest, ideologies, and professional goals.

6. My networking needs and uses: It’s Not About What You Know, It’s Who You Know!

Facebook is used strictly for my friends and family. I like Facebook because I can upload pictures, find friends from way back when, and even join groups of interests I enjoy. It’s also a very good way for example, my teacher to send my class messages because Lord only knows everyone is on Faceboook ALL THE TIME!! LinkedIn is used strictly for business. When my resume is complete I would like to upload it to LinkedIn. I found many people in the same field of PR that I would love to do in the real world. Twitter is barely used, only for class assignments. MySpace I do not have. I don’t support MySpace and I just don’t have time, Facebook uses up all my time I have left over in a day. The only “goal” I have for networking would be used in LinkedIn. I like finding people that I could later work for, or just for a reference.

7. Your criteria here: Using Your Time Wisely

These social media websites were put on the web for all of us to connect. I feel that these websites can be used for many positive ways. These next couple of months, social networking will be my friend, emailing resumes, adding new friends on LinkedIn, and I’m using this time and this tool (websites) to my advantage. The web in some weird way, brings us all together, people that we would not even imagine is a click away!


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