Crisis With Disney…..Or Not

Posted On December 2, 2008

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Just like all businesses, the economy is hurting everyone Disney as a whole industry is suffereing. Parks are becoming less crowded due to gas prices rises and falling and the over-all prices of everything. Vacations have been cut to a miniumun maybe even cut in general.

I feel Disney handled themselves very well with how the economy has affected their parks and industry overall. September 18, 2008 Disney released a Press Release launching it’s first ever campaign to celebrate birthdays. If you can prove that your birthday is on the day you come to the Disney Park, you can get in for free!!

“Birthdays are the one occasion that we all share every year, we thought a free birthday ticket would be the icing on the cake as we extend this new celebration vacation trend to Disney Parks,” said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

I thought it was a very genius idea getting Disney out of the economic crisis and back to making kid’s dreams into a reality. What kid wouldn’t want to spend their birthday in Disneyland?



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