Overview of Disney

Founded in 1923, Walt Disney Company has been the father of story telling. Making every kids dream come true the company came together and created four business segments: studio entertainment, parks and resorts, consumer products and media networks.

1) The Walt Disney Studios was the foundation Disney began on. Bringing the characters we know and love to life! Mickey Mouse was the first character that came to life, soon following after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the first full-length animated feature.

Soon that led into motion pictures, Walt Disney Pictures were created bringing a whole new entertainment family. Walt Disney Amination Studios, Pixar, DisneyToon, Touchstone, Hollywoody Pictures and Miramax were all linked together.

2) Since Disney brought the characters to life, creators wanted you, the audience, to actually step foot into the characters world, thereby creating Parks and Resorts.

“Where Dreams Come True”, Disneyland was first created in 1952 in Anaheim, California. Soon parks and resorts became an international affair. A Disney Cruise line, eight Disney Vation club resorts, Adventures by Disney, and five resort locations were all built. DisneyWorlds are now around the world in Florida, Chiba, France, and Lantau Island.

3) The Disney merchandising franchise began in 1929 when a businessman came to Walt with Mickey Mouse’s face on the cover of a child’s writing tablet. Now Disney Consumer Products range from baby diapers to book bags, all the way to waffle makers. Disney even has it’s own publishing company which cater to 100 million readers each month in 75 countries.

4) Cable tv, radio, publishing, and  even Internet has all been affected by Disney. The Media Networks of Disney are still growing. With companies such as Disney-ABC Television Group, ESPN and Walt Disney Internet Group.

Today kids have a vast array of stations to choose from, ABC Family and Disney Channels. Even adults have stations to choose from such as ABC News and ESPN.

Not only does Disney draw audiences from the TV but the Walt Disney Internet Group is taking charge. Hosting such sites as Disney.com, Family.com and Movies.com nothing is untouchable for Disney.



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