Challenging the Mouse

Finding problems, challenging, or anything wrong with the company was hard to find. Looking on the web I found “hear say” stories, nothing that were hard cold facts. I found another blog that does talk about Disney and the problems with it’s corporate governance.

(See above for the other blog)

Some of the challenges that Disney does face is lack of economy. People need money to travel, without that money people can’t pay for hotels, gas, food, or any other expenses that vacation might entail.

Walt Disney Company Reports Earnings For Fiscal Year 2008

On September 27, 2008, Walt Disney Company reported earnings for the fiscal year with $2.28 which compared to the $2.25 prior.

EPS for the current year increased 18% to @2.27 compared to $1.92 in the prior year.

“I’m pleased by Disney’s strong performance in fiscal year 2008, especially in light of the challenging economic environment,” said RObert. A. Iger, president and CEO.

Media Networks increased 7% to $16.1 billion and segment operating income increased 11% to $4.8 billion.

Parks and Resorts increased 8% to $11.5 billion and segment operating income increased 11% to $1.9 billion.

Studio Entertainment decreased 2% to $7.3 billion and segment operating decreased 9% to $1.1 billion.

Consumer Products increased 26% to $2.9 billion and segment operating income increase 14% to $718 million.



My Social Media Policy

Posted On December 1, 2008

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Thanks to Melanie McBride I know have my own Social Media Contract!!

1. Connecting to Allie Burrow

I’m a Public Relations major soon graduating in the spring, wanting to find new people who share the same interests/profession as myself. I encourage new followers to find me out there who would want to provide resources or just share the same interests. I look for new contacts everyday and encourage many social media gurus to do the same. If you are connecting for no reason or have no interest in what I want to do, I don’t feel a need to connect to me. On my social media pages, I look for a connection for a job and my friends that I already know!

2. Follow, add, friend: Making New Friends

When someone Friends/Follows me I tend to check them out before I Accept/Follow back. This gives me time to see if I truly know the person or if they have another connection through my friends or work. If I don’t know you and we don’t have any friends in common, then most likely I will ignore the request. Not to be mean but it just blows my mind on how you would find me if we had no friends in common. What I have on the internet about me, my friends, and my pictures I take seriously and would not want my information to end up in the wrong hands.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: TMI…Too Much Information!!!!!

On facebook my pictures and wall is open to only my friends. Many of my family members are on facebook and see what I do on the weekends. I’m ok with that because I am “of age” and I do not have any pictures that I would not want my grandma to see….she has her own account on facebook. BUT for certain people I do “secure” some of my information. As I enter the work force after I graduate my facebook will strictly become a tool to keep in touch with college/high school friends. My pictures will be limited and information will be kept to a minimum. As my co-workers become my friends, more information will be provided. I have nothing to hide nor want people to think differently because of a picture or wall post. Entering the work force facebook will become nothing until the job search is over. People tend to put up pictures that I would never think of taking……TMI people!!!!!

4. Signal to noise: Another Stalking Site

Social media sites have taken over the web. Now we have more than Facebook and MySpace, but more of a work related websites. I remember when I was asked to join Twitter I remember saying, “Oh ya another stalking website”. In some cases it is true, but the way I use Twitter, PROpen Mic, and LinkIn as a tool to seek experience to open doors into the real world and getting a job. I don’t have a problem using Twitter, etc, but people who use it as another “stalking” site do annoy me. I don’t get on Twitter as much as LinkedIn because I feel Twitter is more of a social site and LinkedIn is more of a work related site which I need to concentrate more on getting closer to graduation time.

5. Personal data and sharing: Sharing is Caring!

On my facebook account I do share my personal interest and hobbies, but that’s about it. I look to connect to my friends or people I know, not to connect on a deeper level. I rather get away from the computer and see and meet people, then connect on that deeper level according to my interest, ideologies, and professional goals.

6. My networking needs and uses: It’s Not About What You Know, It’s Who You Know!

Facebook is used strictly for my friends and family. I like Facebook because I can upload pictures, find friends from way back when, and even join groups of interests I enjoy. It’s also a very good way for example, my teacher to send my class messages because Lord only knows everyone is on Faceboook ALL THE TIME!! LinkedIn is used strictly for business. When my resume is complete I would like to upload it to LinkedIn. I found many people in the same field of PR that I would love to do in the real world. Twitter is barely used, only for class assignments. MySpace I do not have. I don’t support MySpace and I just don’t have time, Facebook uses up all my time I have left over in a day. The only “goal” I have for networking would be used in LinkedIn. I like finding people that I could later work for, or just for a reference.

7. Your criteria here: Using Your Time Wisely

These social media websites were put on the web for all of us to connect. I feel that these websites can be used for many positive ways. These next couple of months, social networking will be my friend, emailing resumes, adding new friends on LinkedIn, and I’m using this time and this tool (websites) to my advantage. The web in some weird way, brings us all together, people that we would not even imagine is a click away!

The Mouse Using Groundswell

Posted On November 20, 2008

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Disney being the Fortune 500 company that it is, I think uses the Groundswell to its advantage. Disney targets kids and their families. So the company listens, they see and hear what the kids are watching, doing, playing with, then take their ideas back to the “Mouse” and come up with ideas on how they can make the Disney experience better. Disney talks amongst their engineers, PR people, and marketing to come up with new attraction or new campaigns, like the birthday campaign, on how Disney can become a more magical vacation spot. Disney does a very good job energizing with the public.

On the Disney website and all of their websites they have all new and up-coming events. They always have the new movie that is playing in theaters posted up and down their website. Bolt the movie just came out onto DVD and the main page of the Disney website is all about Bolt. They get the public excited and “energized” to go out and see the new movie or attractions or whatever is being produced at that moment. On the Disney Corporate Website they have a Business to Business page which gives other businesses to advertise with Disney. This allows other companies to look at all of Disney’s site and who advertises with them. That could also even play into Supporting.

Disney Supports other companies and has an array of companies such as ABC, ESPN, and ABC Family. All related to the Disney family. The Disney Institute website also is Supporting because it shows how the Disney Institute can “design professional development programs tailored to the needs and objectives of your organization”.

The Disney Company wants to help other companies that promote the same message and want other companies to succeed so maybe later than can development a business working. I really think Disney Embraces every media outlet and opportunity they get. Now on other TV channels that have commercials for Disney shows. Disney is everywhere and they make it known. Disney has done a great job of Embracing the Groundswell from TV ads to having kids get on the web and becoming social media gurus. Disney has Embraced the Groundswell and will always be on some type of media outlet.


The Reviews Are In!

Not only does he have good looks, but Brett Pohlman has brains! This Auburn graduate has been on top of the charts in social media. Being a Public Relations student, the media has a great effect on what I do. Social media has now taken over the internet and soon becoming a household name. Brett is members of Twitter, PROpen Mic, LinkedIn, a PR blog, and much more.

After reading some of his blog posts I have come to realize that his professors at Auburn University have asked him to research and do some of the same social media assignments that my teacher, Prof. Nixon has asked of us. My Corporate PR class was asked to do a week of Twitter as Brett’s professor assigned them 48 hours of Twitter. Just like Prof. Nixon, Brett’s professor advised them that Twitter and  social media can open many doors, especially trying to find a job, “My professor, Robert French, told us all the time how social media could help us find a job”said Brett in his latest blog post. Brett discovered that Twitter had the same effects on him as it did on my class mates and I.  “I believed it, but I thought it was a little far fetched at first. I always loved technology and was intrigued with the newest online services. I found that social media was the way that I could fuse my love for technology and public relations together” said Brett.

After using Twitter, I have connected with many different people that I would not even be able to connect with by walking on the streets. Brett blogged about how Twitter was very easy to connect with CEO’s and other business leaders and even potential employers. Brett blogged the same outcomes as what I have come to find along with my peers. Not only has Brett blogged about Twitter but another interesting post came from his summer internship.

As a senior in college ready to graduate next May (yay!), I am looking for a fun, internship that will prepare me for what the real world of public relations has to offer. After reading Brett’s post about his internship I am ready to get my feet wet. Brett’s posts have been very insiteful learning more about the values of the PR world. Thanks to Brett( and Prof. Nixon) I have come out of my shell and become a member on various social media websites.

Like I mentioned before graduating in May is a scary thought, what if I don’t know enough, what if I don’t think I’m prepared? Thanks to PRo’s in Training I have found some very good information that I can use in the present as well as the future.

This blog has tools for every type of PR field you could think of. From Event Planning to Financial Crisis. They have tips and tricks for twitter and for new pr students. Groundswell has even made it’s appearance on a post. This blog is a tool to help young PR professionals get ahead in the world of social media and communication. I’m not praising this website like Brett’s because I took more of an interest in Bretts…haha.

Both these blogs have helped me learn social media concepts and what it is like in the world of a PR profession. Social media is taking over the internet and fast. I praise both these websites and award them for taking notice in the changes of communication.

Creating a Good Newsletter

Posted On October 23, 2008

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For one of our assignments we are asked to create a newsletter, I know how to make a newsletter and what needs to be in it, but how do I make a “good” newsletter. Currently I design the ZTA newsletter for the Alumni and Sisters that will be sent out in a couple weeks. This is great practice for me so I can build and create a well designed newsletter to be sent out. This is what I found on’s website:

First: A good newsletter needs to have information that the reader will want to read, no one is going to want to read a newsletter that has little or no information that relates to them.

Second: A good newsletter design needs to be creative, something that will catch the readers eye but will also flow with the rest of the newsletter.

Tips for being Consistent with the Design of the Newsletter:

  • To keep page consistency use grids
  • Templates and styles keep the format consistent
  • Keep repeating the same elements such as headers and footers
  • Keep the newsletter readable, easy to the eye
  • Don’t use to many different fonts, we want the reader to be able to read the newsletter all the way through
  • Using pictures is a plus, but don’t use more pictures then text, the reader will not know what each picture is about or the story behind it.
  • Make sure the headlines are catchy and bold, to make them stand out
  • Make a statement, if something exciting happened, show the reader how exciting it was, use bold texts maybe even underline!

These are a couple tips I found that could help design your newsletter. Just remember to keep the newsletter flowing, make it an easy read, and make it fun and exciting.

Blogging in the PR world!

Posted On October 23, 2008

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Did you know that weblog writers produce 700,000 to 1.3 million articles every day? That’s almost a post a second. Currently there are 60 million blogs with 75,000 new blogs each day. 14 million people keep a personal diary, “blog” out on the web, which 100 million read. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Linked In have brought millions and millions of people together that would have never met without these blogs.

Since I have joined Twitter and LinkedIn I have met people in the field of Public Relations and have formed relationships, if it’s finding an internship, job, or if I just have to follow someone for class, these weblogs have brought people together. After reading this article Blogging PR: An exploratory analysis of public relations weblogs, I have found that people use weblogs for just about everything. Many authors see blogs as tools for online communication. This study done by Xifra and Huertas, analyzes blogs concerning public relations in which public relations or one of its activities is the main theme. The whole aim of the study was to analyze what the public relations blogs are about, the issues they deal with, any structural element blogs have, objectives, usability, interactivity, and the level of connectivity (2008).

This article has provided me with a lot of information that I had no idea about with blogs. Much of the research done was based on measuring five elements: author, content, interactivity, usability, and connectivity. I learned that the largest share of blogs that was analyzed was personal blogs. 76% of weblogs out there are personal, written by public relations professionals. The most content that is written in weblogs are personal opinions. People like to write about what’s going on, but in their own words. Like right now, I am writing of what I thought about this article I read.

The second content that was most written about was comments on current affairs. According to the authors, interactivity plays a crucial role on the Internet, it gives the option for users to write their opinions openly, private, or respond to other’s comments. Results found that connectively links public relations blogs to other PR blogs. Blogs have been connecting everyone since they were developed, thereby connecting people all over the world with the same common interests.

What surprised me was that blogs are created almost every second. I really had no idea how many people used blogs and the different kinds of reasons they used them for. I didn’t really want to know anything more about this article because there is SO much information about blogs out there. I don’t blog that much only for class assignments because I don’t feel the need to put my feelings or options out for everyone to see. Now Facebook is a different story. I use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends from 10 years to people I met yesterday.

I know a lot about blogs thanks to Prof. Nixon, but after reading this article I got a more clear understanding of what a blogs entail. I learned about the components of a blog and how other people use blogs other than personal comments.

This information has helped me a lot on just how I should structure my blog and blog posts for my company. Now that I know what the elements of a good blog are I will know what will draw the readers into looking and reading my blog. Hopefully my blog will draw in the company’s webloggers and make an impact.

I am very thankful I found this article because most of my PR classes are dealing with blogs and networking on the web. Now I have a clearer understanding on what blogs can do for you and your company, or maybe just yourself. Blogs are going to keep on growing; soon blogs are going to be a major way of communication.


Xifra, J. & Huertas, A. (2008) “Blogging PR: An exploratory analysis of public relations weblogs”. Public Relations Review, (34) 269-275.

Week of Twitter!!

Posted On September 29, 2008

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Joining twitter has been a very different experience. At first I didn’t like it…I thought oh great another stalking tool….but I was wrong. I have been connected with many different people that I would never be connected with on facebook. Since I am graduating in the spring twitter is ways to connect with people that share the same job interests or that could possibly get me a job. I have become connected with people that I would never even think of thanks to joining Twitter. I feel that twitter is a tool that I can use to make many different connections that can help me later on down the road after graduation. Not going to lie at first Twitter was very hard to get use to. It was a little different to working on facebook. But soon enough it came very easy to tweet and friend other people with the same interests as myself. Getting on twitter opened up a whole different blogging world to me, I’m not that big into blogging but as my years at Georgia Southern University come to an end I need to think outside my box…… I need to become more open to putting thoughts on the internet and let my voice get heard. A week of twitter has turned into something that I will probably end up doing for month’s even years just to stay connected with many people that I have friended. Even if we have never met in person just knowing that we share same interest and could help each other out on job searches is enough for me.

10 Things I Learned in PR Writing

Posted On April 24, 2008

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Press Release Please Don’t Die

Posted On April 24, 2008

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After reading this weird and unusual press release written by a man that hated PR writing and press releases I was taken back. I didn’t really understand why this man was so caught up with hating/disliking Public Relations people and their press releases. The author goes on to write that press release does no good in helping the client, well it does, it gets the clients name out there good or bad. It just bothered me that this man is telling someone else or a group of people how to do their jobs! The PR practitioner knows what needs to be on the press release, just because the information on the release might not be useful to you (the author) does not mean it might not be useful to someone else. PR practitioners do you put spin on information, we make it ready and available and must useful for the readers. The Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die! was very interesting, it made me think, “is this really what people think about PR and their press releases”……oh well let them think that!!!

News Releases Gone Bad

Posted On March 26, 2008

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Ok people when writing a news release PLEASE make sure it is something NEWSWORTHY!!! You want to write about something that people would be interested and excited to read about. No one wants to hear about how a boy won the spelling bee…well I don’t but people want to hear the exciting Boy Won Spelling Bee to Win $100 million! Something like that. Headlines/titles sell the story. If you start your release with a boring headline…no one would want to read further into the story. Everyone wants to read the juicy stuff and know all the facts. Don’t write facts that have nothing to do with the story. Happy Writing everyone!!!!!!!

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