The Mouse Using Groundswell

Posted On November 20, 2008

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Disney being the Fortune 500 company that it is, I think uses the Groundswell to its advantage. Disney targets kids and their families. So the company listens, they see and hear what the kids are watching, doing, playing with, then take their ideas back to the “Mouse” and come up with ideas on how they can make the Disney experience better. Disney talks amongst their engineers, PR people, and marketing to come up with new attraction or new campaigns, like the birthday campaign, on how Disney can become a more magical vacation spot. Disney does a very good job energizing with the public.

On the Disney website and all of their websites they have all new and up-coming events. They always have the new movie that is playing in theaters posted up and down their website. Bolt the movie just came out onto DVD and the main page of the Disney website is all about Bolt. They get the public excited and “energized” to go out and see the new movie or attractions or whatever is being produced at that moment. On the Disney Corporate Website they have a Business to Business page which gives other businesses to advertise with Disney. This allows other companies to look at all of Disney’s site and who advertises with them. That could also even play into Supporting.

Disney Supports other companies and has an array of companies such as ABC, ESPN, and ABC Family. All related to the Disney family. The Disney Institute website also is Supporting because it shows how the Disney Institute can “design professional development programs tailored to the needs and objectives of your organization”.

The Disney Company wants to help other companies that promote the same message and want other companies to succeed so maybe later than can development a business working. I really think Disney Embraces every media outlet and opportunity they get. Now on other TV channels that have commercials for Disney shows. Disney is everywhere and they make it known. Disney has done a great job of Embracing the Groundswell from TV ads to having kids get on the web and becoming social media gurus. Disney has Embraced the Groundswell and will always be on some type of media outlet.