The Reviews Are In!

Not only does he have good looks, but Brett Pohlman has brains! This Auburn graduate has been on top of the charts in social media. Being a Public Relations student, the media has a great effect on what I do. Social media has now taken over the internet and soon becoming a household name. Brett is members of Twitter, PROpen Mic, LinkedIn, a PR blog, and much more.

After reading some of his blog posts I have come to realize that his professors at Auburn University have asked him to research and do some of the same social media assignments that my teacher, Prof. Nixon has asked of us. My Corporate PR class was asked to do a week of Twitter as Brett’s professor assigned them 48 hours of Twitter. Just like Prof. Nixon, Brett’s professor advised them that Twitter and  social media can open many doors, especially trying to find a job, “My professor, Robert French, told us all the time how social media could help us find a job”said Brett in his latest blog post. Brett discovered that Twitter had the same effects on him as it did on my class mates and I.  “I believed it, but I thought it was a little far fetched at first. I always loved technology and was intrigued with the newest online services. I found that social media was the way that I could fuse my love for technology and public relations together” said Brett.

After using Twitter, I have connected with many different people that I would not even be able to connect with by walking on the streets. Brett blogged about how Twitter was very easy to connect with CEO’s and other business leaders and even potential employers. Brett blogged the same outcomes as what I have come to find along with my peers. Not only has Brett blogged about Twitter but another interesting post came from his summer internship.

As a senior in college ready to graduate next May (yay!), I am looking for a fun, internship that will prepare me for what the real world of public relations has to offer. After reading Brett’s post about his internship I am ready to get my feet wet. Brett’s posts have been very insiteful learning more about the values of the PR world. Thanks to Brett( and Prof. Nixon) I have come out of my shell and become a member on various social media websites.

Like I mentioned before graduating in May is a scary thought, what if I don’t know enough, what if I don’t think I’m prepared? Thanks to PRo’s in Training I have found some very good information that I can use in the present as well as the future.

This blog has tools for every type of PR field you could think of. From Event Planning to Financial Crisis. They have tips and tricks for twitter and for new pr students. Groundswell has even made it’s appearance on a post. This blog is a tool to help young PR professionals get ahead in the world of social media and communication. I’m not praising this website like Brett’s because I took more of an interest in Bretts…haha.

Both these blogs have helped me learn social media concepts and what it is like in the world of a PR profession. Social media is taking over the internet and fast. I praise both these websites and award them for taking notice in the changes of communication.