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Posted On December 2, 2008

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I feel that Disney is using the 2-Way Asymetrical model of Public Relations.Disney sends out lots of information, example Press Releases of everything an  event or news takes place. They have many commercials that always advertise for Disney, “Where Dreams Come True!” Disney does want feedback because they want to see what the latest trends are with there consumers. As much information as Disney is sending out they do not get as much information back. I feel Disney is ok with that as long as they are getting their information out to their public’s. When  people stop coming to the parks and buying the products, then Disney will have a problem.



Crisis With Disney…..Or Not

Posted On December 2, 2008

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Just like all businesses, the economy is hurting everyone Disney as a whole industry is suffereing. Parks are becoming less crowded due to gas prices rises and falling and the over-all prices of everything. Vacations have been cut to a miniumun maybe even cut in general.

I feel Disney handled themselves very well with how the economy has affected their parks and industry overall. September 18, 2008 Disney released a Press Release launching it’s first ever campaign to celebrate birthdays. If you can prove that your birthday is on the day you come to the Disney Park, you can get in for free!!

“Birthdays are the one occasion that we all share every year, we thought a free birthday ticket would be the icing on the cake as we extend this new celebration vacation trend to Disney Parks,” said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

I thought it was a very genius idea getting Disney out of the economic crisis and back to making kid’s dreams into a reality. What kid wouldn’t want to spend their birthday in Disneyland?


Disney and the Community

Posted On December 2, 2008

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Disney Worldwide Outreach

The Disney WorldWide OutReach has been dedicated to help the lives of children in need. Through Disney VoluntEARS program, Disney donated more than $170 million in cash and in-kind support to various charities.

The VoluntEARS have dedicated more thant 485,000 hours of service and the company used their “magic” to make dreams come true. The Disney Company works with a company that really hit home to me, Make-A-Wish Foundation. My brother was diagnosed with cancer and Make-A-Wish made his dreams come true.

Disney has joined together with ABC Corporate Initiatives that looks over the outreach for the ABC TV Network. Programming, PSAs and promotions ABC serves as a corporate citizen. A Better Community, they follow a mission to utilize the broad reach of ABC TV Network and become a positive influence of talent on and off programming.


Why I Would Want To Work For the Mouse

Posted On December 2, 2008

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Working for the Mouse would be very interesting and fun. I have heard about internships that have gone wrong but then  I have heard that people absolutely loved working their and didn’t want anything else. I feel that the Disney Company treats every employee the same, with respect. I soon hope one day to work for ESPN in the Sports PR department. Working for Disney means working for any company within the family, I personally would rather work for ESPN, but if Disney gave me a great job I could not resist I would commit in a heart beat.

Disney has brought out the kid in everyone and keeps on working its magic even today. Working for Disney would give me very good experience working with different people from different backgrounds.  Many rewards that come for working with the Mouse are quality of work, length of service, community volunteerism, and employee of the Month recognition.

Disney is a place where a kid can be a kid, working for Disney brings the kid out in everyone.


Working for the Mouse

Posted On December 2, 2008

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Voted Number 1 on the BusinessWeek’s inaugural “Best Place to Launch a Career” ranking Disney is the place to work!!

If you are a student, intern, college graduate, entry level applicant, or just want a job, Disney is the place!!!

They have openings from being an animator to even being a Disney character, Disney has a job for everyone!!

The Career website makes applying for a job simple. They have a page just for students: college program, professional internships, careerstart program, and imaginations!!!

You could work at ESPN or ABC or any other of their Disney based companies.

Jobs I found that were within the PR and Corporate PR were Manager (Environmental Affairs), Communication, External Communication, and Director of External Affairs (Government and Industry).

Many of the Perks that Disney has are:

  • A wide range of benefits: Health, Dental, Life Insurance
  • Complimentary Theme Park Passports
  • Educational Reimbursement
  • Learning and Developing Opportunities
  • The Walt Disney Company Foundation Scholarship Program
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program
  • Disney TEAM Discounts
  • Credit Unions
  • Educational Matching Gifts Program
  • Disney VoluntEARS
  • Service Awards
  • Personal Assistant Network
  • Employee and Cast Member Contests
  • Childcare Centers in Burbank and Orlando
  • Employee Stores in Several Locations

Disney wants to make working fun and special! There will always be something interesting going on, Dream it. Do it. DISNEY!


Critique of the Company’s Online Newsroom

Disney has provided the public with a whole page relating to News Releases. Once an event happens within the Disney Family, immediately Disney wants to fix it and make it right.

The News Releases on this site date all the way back to 2001 releases.

They have a page dedicated to their Management Team which list all Corporate figures.

This site also provides us with what is going on within each of the fours segments and annual reports.

Overall Disney has done a great job keeping the public up to date on all current events, challenges, or just news. If you have any problems with what the company is saying, they have all their contact information readily available.


The Award Goes Too…..

Posted On December 2, 2008

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And the Winner is…….

The Disney Website provided a list dating all the way back to 1993 with all the Awrads the Disney Company has won, the must recent year is 2006.Since 1993, Disney has received more than 100 environmental and  conservation related awards.

In 2006 The Disney Company has won:

  • Disney Cruise Line
  1. Keep Brevard Beautiful Recycle Award
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
  1. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Green Lodging Certification
  • The Walt Disney Company
  1. Association for Commuter Transportation International Conference Award for Creative Excellence
  2. Metro Diamond Rideshare Award
  3. Save the Manatee Club Award to Recognition presented to The Walt Disney Company and The Seas with Nemo and Friends
  4. U.S. EPA WasteWise Program Paper Reduction Gold Achievement Award
  5. U.S. EPA WasteWise Program Honorable Mention, Very Large Business
  • Walt Disney World Co.
  1. Audubon of Florida Distinguished Corporate Philanthropist
  2. Florida Energy Achievement Award
  3. HPAC Engineering Leadership by Building Owners/Managers


Disney and the Public

Posted On December 2, 2008

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The Walt Disney Company has many publics, kids of all ages, adults, and the older crowd. It’s customers are the same, kids want to buy the merchandise and the parents have the money.

Walt Disney Company not only has publics at the park, but at home watching TV, on the internet, and listening to the radio.

Disney also has a business public. Disney encourages other companies to advertise with them, travel, hold meetings and conventions, supplier info, and for other businesses to discover how Disney came to be.

This Business to Business site allows other companies to research and get involved with Disney to help out their own company.

Advertise with Disney has a whole site for information about adverising on Disney’s family of sites. Companies will be able to find contact information and ad opportunities.


History of the Mouse

The History of the Mouse

1923- Walt Disney arrived in California with dreams he wanted to make into a reality. He stared off with a short film series called Alice’s Wonderland. He wanted to use it as a “pilot” to sell to distributors.

Soon after on October 16, 1923, a NY distributor M.J. Winkler cut a deal to release the Alice Comedies. Right then and there that became the true beginning of The Walt Disney Company.

Walt and his brother Roy became partners soon creating Walt Disney Studios and took it to Hollywood!

Alice Comedies were made for four years pushing Walt’s cash flow and animation.

1927- Walt picked up his cartoon series and created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. In that same year Walt made 26 cartoons staring Oswald. He needed additional money from Winkler, but soon found out that a distributor had gone behind his back to make Oswald his own. Sad but true, the Oswald rights were not granted to Walt. From then on out, walt made sure that everything he created was his!

Everything happens for a reason right? After loosing Oswald, Walt created a fun, new character that looked like a mouse. Walt first named the mouse Mortimer, thank god his wife Lilly disagreed calling the new character Mickey. Soon a star arose and Mickey Mouse had his own cartoons.

1928-The first ever sound cartoon was called “The Jazz Singer”. Soon after two more were released staring the Mouse in Steamboat Willie in November. Everyone fell in love and now is the poster child for the Disney company for all ages!

1930-First Mickey Mouse book was published and the first newspaper comic strip.

1932- Walt won an Academy Award for Best Cartoon for “Flowers and Trees”, a symphony and first full-color cartoon. The rest of the decade Walt sweeped the Oscars winning every year.

1933-Voted the most sensational, “Three Little Pigs” was released. This was a anthem for fighting the Great Depression…..”Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

Consumer Products came into to play. While the cartoons were gaining support, Walt was approached for $300 to put Mickey’s head on a child’s writing tablet, Walt was in.

1934-Walt gathered his animators together and started working on the first animated feature film.

1937- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was finished. It became a hit! It was the highest grossed film of all time. It flew by “Gone With the Wind”.

1940- The beginning of WWII, the company lost access to it’s foreign markets. Two new feature films were created in despite, “Pinocchio” and “Fantasia”.

1941-“Dumbo”was released but produced on a very low budget.

1942- “Bambi” was released but was expensive, right after the United States entered the war.

1950- (1) Studio’s first live action film, “Treasure Island”, (2) Classic animated features returned with “Cinderella”, and (3) First Disney TV show at Christmas time.

1954- Walt launched the Disneyland anthology series, mini-series such as Davy Crockett. These series ran on three networks and went through six title changes. Despite all of that, it remained on the air for 29 years making it the longest-running prime-time TV series in history.

1955- The Mickey Mouse Club was born. Stars like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears had their stardom on this show.

July 17th Disneyland was built and ready for action. Bringing characters and the Disney world alive!

Entertainment was brought to a whole new level with Disneyland. Kids got to fly with Peter Pan and go on crazy tea party rides with the Mad Hatter.

The studio began to produce more popular films: Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, action films; 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Shaggy Dog, and a popular TV series Zorro.

1960’s- Brought more films we know today such as 101 Dalmatians.

1964- The classic Mary Poppins film was brought to life with animatronics that soon changed Disney rides forever.

1966- December 15th was a sad time. Walt Disney died and the world and imagination stopped for a second in time.

1967-1970- Roy Disney took over and started taking charge of the company. The Jungle Book and Aristocats were created. The Love Bug came out in 1969 was became the highest grossing film of the year.

1971- Roy Disney honored his brother was 28,000 acres that became Walt Disney World in Florida. The park opened on October 1st that many southern’s soon flocked to.

Two months after breaking ground in Florida Roy died. Right after the company was led by the team of Card Walker, Donn Tatum, and Ron Miller who all were trained by the Disney brothers.

1979- The new team broke ground with the second phase of Walt Disney World with the EPCOT center.

1982- On October 1st, the EPCOT Center was opened with an investment of over one billion dollars!!!!!

1983- First foreign Disney park was opened on April 15th in Tokyo.  The park set a range of theme park attendance records and sold more mouse ear hats!

1984- Touchstone Pictures released Spalsh and a staged hostile takeover swamped the company. Michael Eisner and Frank Wells became chief executive officer and president, still to this day.

1986- Golden Girls was created with a Disney Sunday Movie.

1988- Disney led Hollywood studios with a gross of $100 million EACH with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Good Morning, Vietnam and Three Men and a Baby.

1989-George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola added there own touches to the park and opened Splash Mountain.

Animation bounced back with the release of The Little Mermaid.

1991- Beauty and the Beast was the only animated film ever to be nominated for an Academy Award Best Picture

1992- Aladdin was the first animated film to gross more than $200 million

1994-The Lion King killed all records with $321 million just in the United States and $783 million worldwide. Disney went to Broadway with the opening of Beauty and the Breast.

1995-1999- Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan, and Fantasia(2000) were all released.

2000(s)-Began the Pixar era with Toy Story (2), A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles.

2001- Walt Disney Attractions opened 2 new theme parks :Disney’s California Adventure and Tokyo DisneySea.

2003- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Finding Nemo excelled reaching $3 billion at the box office.

2005- Robert Iger became the chief executive officer and emerged with technolgies that connected with it’s consumers. Disney became the first braodcasted to have its TV shows made readily available via iPod.

2006- In January he Iger announced Disney and Pixar to form a partnership, Disney/Pixar.

Now- Disney is excelling in all aspects. Developing TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy has created a new era. Disney from the past to Disney as the future has changed dramatically but has kept its same values.


Overview of Disney

Founded in 1923, Walt Disney Company has been the father of story telling. Making every kids dream come true the company came together and created four business segments: studio entertainment, parks and resorts, consumer products and media networks.

1) The Walt Disney Studios was the foundation Disney began on. Bringing the characters we know and love to life! Mickey Mouse was the first character that came to life, soon following after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the first full-length animated feature.

Soon that led into motion pictures, Walt Disney Pictures were created bringing a whole new entertainment family. Walt Disney Amination Studios, Pixar, DisneyToon, Touchstone, Hollywoody Pictures and Miramax were all linked together.

2) Since Disney brought the characters to life, creators wanted you, the audience, to actually step foot into the characters world, thereby creating Parks and Resorts.

“Where Dreams Come True”, Disneyland was first created in 1952 in Anaheim, California. Soon parks and resorts became an international affair. A Disney Cruise line, eight Disney Vation club resorts, Adventures by Disney, and five resort locations were all built. DisneyWorlds are now around the world in Florida, Chiba, France, and Lantau Island.

3) The Disney merchandising franchise began in 1929 when a businessman came to Walt with Mickey Mouse’s face on the cover of a child’s writing tablet. Now Disney Consumer Products range from baby diapers to book bags, all the way to waffle makers. Disney even has it’s own publishing company which cater to 100 million readers each month in 75 countries.

4) Cable tv, radio, publishing, and  even Internet has all been affected by Disney. The Media Networks of Disney are still growing. With companies such as Disney-ABC Television Group, ESPN and Walt Disney Internet Group.

Today kids have a vast array of stations to choose from, ABC Family and Disney Channels. Even adults have stations to choose from such as ABC News and ESPN.

Not only does Disney draw audiences from the TV but the Walt Disney Internet Group is taking charge. Hosting such sites as, and nothing is untouchable for Disney.


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